Do celebrities date us regular people?

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What would be the pros and cons of dating a celebrity?

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Just wondering, if a regular person would date a celebrity what would be the privileges and consequences of dating one. Some bad things would be: other people would be trying to steal your man from you all the time, People would be jealous of you, and you would also have to deal with the paparazzi. You may also find yourself thinking that you are not good enough for that person, because they have a huge selection of women to choose from.

Well, you shouldn’t date someone just because they are rich and famous. If you date a celebrity it should be because you know them on a personal level and actually care about them.

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I m dating a black guy yahoo answers

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Dating a celebrity yahoo answers

I think that its very possible to date a celebrity or for celebrity fall in love with you. There are celebrities do recommend on dating a fan or date whoever they fall in love with because fans are just normal ordinary people just like them. I know that celebrities do have a trusting issue on dating a fan or someone that isn’t in the same industry as they are because they don’t really know if they are using them for the fame or what and if they give them their address, number or e-mail they could put it on the internet just to give them attention.

You don’t really know who to trust out there. Celebrities usually like dating other celebrities because they know what its like to be in their shoes having paparazzi following them everywhere, people all over the world judging their every move, new rumors about you everyday its tough but if you have someone in the same industry as you they know what your going through.

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If you know the person anything is possible. But don’t go searching for someone you’ve only ever seen on TV or in a movie with the intent of dating them. I mean its a nice fantasy but you don’t know them no matter what they say in interviews or whats written about them in magazines. They’re just people and the likely hood of you being compatible is pretty slim. Trending News. New report details why police entered Taylor’s home. Category 4 Laura makes landfall in Louisiana. Day 3 of RNC offers clues to election strategy.

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If a CELEBRITY wanted to DATE you, would you CHEAT on your significant other?

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I am so bad that I cannot read anything about him, I absolutely avoid anything that has to do with him just incase I hear he has a girlfriend or is engaged because I will be devasted. And I will not tell you who he is becuase if u say something bad about him I will cry. OK I guess i over did it a bit – im not obsessed I just think he’s really hot and I don’t collect pictures or anything like that of him so I know there are people worse then me At 24, you are a bit old to be in love with a celebrity, but what you have is not love since as a fellow answerer points out, you don’t even really know this person.

You are obsessed. I also would not call people demeaning names like teeny bopper since most of the teens I have come to know during my teaching days never were obsessed the way you are now. Get over it – and, if you can’t do it by yourself, get professional help.

I’M Dating A Celebrity Yahoo Answers

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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show. What is English dating relationship culture like? I am an American girl early-mid 20’s and I am heading to Oxfordshire in the fall and I very much want to date and hopefully have a long-term relationship with a man in his late 20’s- early 30’s. First off, are English men interested in pretty and polite American girls?

Are there any stereotypes Are there any stereotypes that I should be aware of? Are dates more formal or casual? What about intimate expectations? Do English men tend to be affectionate or are they fairly unemotional? Feel free to throw in any other bits of info that seem important. Report Abuse. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer?

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