Les Crystal, Who Led NBC News And PBS’s ‘NewsHour,’ Dies At 85

Louis is an exciting constellation of leading-edge neuroscience and compelling personal narratives in an intimate theater setting. BrainWorks is a theatrical performance and a television series originally created by nationally renowned neurosurgeon-scientists, Dr. Eric C. Leuthardt and Dr. Albert H. Kim and Leuthardt serve as our guides, making complex concepts approachable to the general public. Kim and Leuthardt, Barnes-Jewish Hospital, and the Nine Network of Public Media are collaborating to include regional and national audiences in the conversation. This production is being recorded for a national public television audience and will become an exciting catalyst for discussion. The centerpiece of BrainWorks is the extraordinary, personal stories that use the best elements of theater—professional actors, storytelling techniques, even humor—to communicate what medical science and technology understand about the brain, and the current therapies available to treat brain disease.

Online: PBS NewsHour Presents The Plastic Problem

By , there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. PBS NewsHour takes a closer look at this now ubiquitous material, how it’s impacting the world and ways we can break our plastic addiction. Let’s Talk, a PBS Utah online series about talking to kids about race, racism, and cultural differences. Learn more.

DVD Drama and Jul 28, · PBS announced an online home for Burns’ work and many of PBS NewsHour will provide nightly coverage of the Democratic National Convention C. Feb 28, · Studio: PBS; DVD Release Date: February 28, ; Run Time: minutes; Customer Reviews: 5.

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British historian A. Taylor wrote: “He [David Lloyd George] was the most inspired and creative British statesman of the twentieth century. But he had fatal flaws. He was devious and unscrupulous in his methods. He aroused every feeling except trust. In all his greatest acts, there was an element of self-seeking. Above all, he lacked stability. He tied himself to no man, to no party, to no single cause. Baldwin was right to fear that Lloyd George would destroy the Conservative Party, ….

What COVID-19 has meant for dating in America

Plus: What countries lifting coronavirus lockdowns are seeing, racial disparities in U. Watch Now. Tuesday on the NewsHour, the opening night of the Republican National Convention characterizes Democrats as radical and threatening. Friday on the NewsHour, the U. Witness the creativity of L.

Schedules · America ReFramed Through the Repellent Fence · Journey of the Whooping Crane · Koko — The Gorilla Who Talks · PBS NewsHour · Amanpour and.

Stream the film online here. Access the Sunday, March 22, 2 p. Zoom webinar discussion here , By there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. These policies include the styrofoam ban, recyclable and compostable food service ware requirements, including the single-use plastic straw and stirrer ban, and the 5 cent bag fee, the first of its kind in the nation. Taylor Maddalene , National Geographic. She has a background in marine conservation and the integration of science into decision-making.

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You can change the start date and time using the dropdown boxes. To go to a page that lists programs for just one channel, please choose the channel name. A bill of sale for a year-old black girl; powder horn; handwritten score helps make “The Star-Spangled Banner” the national anthem; almanac.

But will something be lost when these events are seen online rather is going to be a particularly safe date, especially in the middle of winter.

How can Americans be sure their votes will be received and counted? So you don’t need to rely upon the mail for. They will look at the personal information on the envelope. But it’s really important. If you have requested a mail ballot and it’s getting close to Election. See More. Earlier, we reported on the postmaster general’s changes at the post office and doubts the White House has cast on mail in voting. All this has troubled many viewers who are considering voting by mail. Amna Nawaz is back with more.

AMNA NAWAZ: President Trump’s repeated attacks on mail-in voting, along with reports about mailboxes being removed and sorting machines taken out of post offices, have all led to anxiety, fear and confusion. The postmaster general now says he’s suspending any more changes until after the election. But many of you are worried about election security, how to vote safely during a pandemic, and how to make sure your vote counts. To answer your questions, I’m joined by David Becker.

TS Marco in Gulf aiming at Louisiana, TS Laura also on way

Information, dates, and schedules unique to the Distance Learning Program can be found here. Your top questions concerning the reopening of schools have been collected and answered. Grab and Go meals are available for curbside pickup Monday through Friday from 11 a. Student IDs or Nutrition Services meal cards are required for pickup. The newly launched CVUSD Wellness Assistance Line serves students and families within the Chino Valley Unified School District with screening for assistance, referrals, and resources relating to social, emotional, and the overall well-being of students.

Counselors are available to receive your calls Monday through Friday from 8 a.

Dan Ariely explains how not to fill out your online dating profile, how to help a friend be less picky in who she dates and what questions to ask on a first date.

Updates at end with response from NewsHour With the word Tuesday that “NewsHour” was shutting down offices and laying off employees, it’s time to ask the question: Just how much of the this one-time PBS bedrock is actually left? In fact, let’s go a step further and ask if it is even accurate to call it a nightly newscast any more — and if what’s left is worth trying to save?

I know I’ve been avoiding asking those questions for at least four years even though they begged to be asked. Now they demand answers. The company will also eliminate several production positions in its Washington, D. The “NewsHour” is also planning to save money by streamlining and digitizing its technical process. While the program will still maintain in-house crews, the “NewsHour” will rely more on freelance contributions going forward.

While Tuesday’s news might seem like a surprise to some, the “NewsHour” has been struggling and cutting back for years. And that context matters. In May , PBS held its annual meeting in Baltimore, and here’s part of what I wrote as a curtain-raiser on the event after talking to Winslow:. As programmers and public broadcasting executives from across the country come together Linda Winslow, executive producer of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, is one of the producers trying to do more with less.

As financial and technological pressures radically alter the landscape of commercial TV news providers, the NewsHour becomes more important than ever as a source of information that citizens can trust.


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How candidates are grappling with online disinformation. Watch Scheduled Episodes. How candidates are grappling with online disinformation How candidates are grappling with online disinformation. As the presidential campaign heats up, candidates are facing an unprecedented challenge: the growing scale and variety of disinformation online.

John Yang reports on the difficulty of verifying that content is authentic and not manipulated — especially when it has been shared by a public figure. Clip S E3 Length Premiere: 1. Recent Episodes. S E Length Premiere Date 8. S E Length Premiere Date 7. Clip Length Premiere Date 1.

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Although to date, only 3 percent of public broadcasting news professionals work educational games PBS NewsHour produces regular online webcasts.

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